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PBIS & Behavioral Expectations

What is PBIS? 

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports. The goal of PBIS is to encourage positive behaviors which will increase instructional time and improve student achievement.  Elba Elementary School has been implementing the program for five years.  Our intentional focus on positive reinforcement is creating and maintaining a positive school climate for the students and teachers.

We believe that Lancers can lead the way by being respectful, responsible, and safe.  Therefore, our students are explicitly instructed on how to be respectful, responsible, and safe.  Students who display these behaviors are reinforced through our PBIS Rewards system, in which they can receive points to later cash in for prizes.  Students who go above and beyond in any of these areas may also be recognized on weekly announcements and at whole building assemblies.


Below are our Lancer Behavioral Expectations:

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School Wide Expectations








Listen to the teacher and other students

Keep discussion to classroom topic

Work well with others

Be friendly and tolerant of others

Use a quiet voice

Enjoy the artwork; look with your eyes only

Quietly wait your turn

Use good manners

Honor others space and property

Talk quietly

Honor others space and property

Use kind words and actions 

Show good sportsmanship

Take turns

Use kind words

Help others when needed

Include others and be a good friend



Do your best work

Complete all assigned tasks

Be prepared

Be on time

Follow classroom rules

Walk promptly to where you are going

Keep locker area and hallways clean

Turn electronic devices off when entering the building

Be appropriate with your food and drink

Clean up after yourself

Stay in your assigned seat

Raise your hand for help

Follow drivers instructions

Remain seated




Listen to adults in charge

Follow directions promptly

Seek adult when help is needed




Keep hands and feet to self

Stay in your personal space


Use materials appropriately 

Keep hands and feet to self

Keep to right in hallways and stairways

Walk at all times

Remain seated 

Eat your own food

Keep hands and feet to self


Enter and exit bus appropriately 

Face forward

Keep aisle clear

Keep hands and feet to self



Wear appropriate clothing and shoes

Use equipment properly 

Keep hands and feet to self